Oklahoma City Roudtrip

Jenn and I decided to head up to Oklahoma City for a quick road-trip. As I was driving and Jenn was investigating my Instagram App. on my phone and she decided to start the trip out in style with a picture of her feet. Beautiful babe!
The truth is, Oklahoma City does not have the much to see. But one of the places that we really wanted to go was to the Oklahoma City National Memorial. Jenn and I remember hearing about it when we were kids.
The is a beautiful memorial to the victims across a lawn that sits where the building was. One chair for each of those that died in the bombing. 168. It was especially sad to see the smaller chairs that represented children that died that day.
This is the "Survivor Tree". It sits on the other side of the reflection pool, with the chairs on the other side.
After we finished up at the memorial we got down to business and headed to the near by outlets. It turned out to be a great trip. Next time we will venture a little further away to San Antonio. Then, when we feel really crazy, we plan on heading up to Eureka Springs in Arkansas. Its said to the the Switzerland of the Arkansas if you believe what 'they' say. But for those that have been, I'm sure you know how beautiful there.


Hot Air Balloon Festival and Pumpkin Patch

One of the greatest things about living here in Texas is being near Jenn's family. It seems like to we do something with them at least every week. She has a great family so we have a great time. Our latest two adventures were also classified: a great time. Plano, a town east of us 15 miles, host a balloon festival every year. Jenn suggested we go. We decided not to go into the festival but to follow the balloons around as they flew. We met up with her parents and nephew William.
We found a spot to park and then watched as they floated by. To our great surprise one of the balloons appeared behind us and decided to land right next to where we had parked.
We were able to get right up next to it and see it up close.

...and then we went and got ice cream.
Two weeks ago we also spent Family Home Evening at the Pumpkin Patch. Jennifer's sister Jaime and her husband Kevin were up from Houston, actually passing through. It was nice to be outside in the evening time. Usually that time of night we're relaxing after both getting home from work. I love being outside though. Especially as the weather improves.